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In today's world being a talented interior designer isn't enough to ensure that you have a profitable and successful interior design business. Design school doesn't always teach you the critical business skills to be sure your interior design business be everything you imagined it would be! A Well Designed Business is here to fill in the gaps and give you real live business skills from some of the top interior designers. Your host, LuAnn Nigara shares her 35 years of success in the interior design industry, and she finds the most successful guests to share their interior design business best practices.
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Dec 31, 2019

Welcome to the last podcast for 2019! Today, we have Sally Williams, the owner of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, based in Raleigh, New York, with us on the show. Sally knows who she is, what she is capable of doing, and what sets her apart from other designers. And this comes across very distinctly in her carefully thought-out and exceptionally well-written bio. Listen in today, to hear what Sally has to share about the way she markets and grows her design firm.

Sally is very clear about what she will do and what she won't do in her business. And she knows precisely what to say when she has to have difficult conversations with her clients. This is Sally's secret sauce because certain conversations can be very hard to have if you're not prepared. In today's show, Sally explains how she's equipped herself for having these hard conversations with clients, and she talks to us about two changes that she made in her firm, which have resulted in a 40% increase in her gross sales in just one year. Be sure to tune in today, to find out more!

We wish you the happiest and most successful of years in 2020!

Show Highlights:

  • Sally explains how she achieved a 40% growth in her business this year, by making two changes.
  • Changing to charging an hourly rate, rather than a flat fee.
  • Sally explains how she estimates the cost of a design project.
  • Sally's mechanism for billing her clients for additional work.
  • Sally explains how she and her team track their hours.
  • Sally walks us through her strategy wall for new projects.
  • Setting things up for a new project.
  • Sally explains how she persuades new clients to hang in there, and bear with her until she's ready to start with their project.
  • How Sally and her team coped with a 40% growth this year.
  • Creating touchpoints for keeping the communication with the client open throughout a project.
  • The wrapping-up process.
  • Susan Brunstrum (#36) has developed a great process for wrapping up a design project.
  • Charging the same mark-up percentage on products across the board.
  • Sally explains how she builds her pipeline and markets her business.


Sally Williams, the Owner and Principal Designer of Colorful Concepts Interior Design has a design aesthetic that is timeless and free of stylistic premises working in contemporary and traditional spaces alike.

Sally is a CQRID-certified Interior Designer who has also earned an Accounting degree from the College of William and Mary.  She worked in Corporate Accounting Management prior to following her life-long passion for Fine Art and Craft by opening a Gallery in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.  During her seven years of Gallery ownership, Sally’s eyes were opened to the world of Interior Design.  With the encouragement of Gallery clients, friends, and family, she pursued vigorous self-study of the field. In 2002, Sally closed the Gallery and Colorful Concepts was born. 

The gallery and artists Sally worked with continue to inspire her design approach today.  She begins her designs with the color palette, which sets the tone for the entire project.  Sally transforms a space artistically, providing balanced composition and soulful color schemes set in crisp optimistic environments.  She has a strong philosophy that environments impact peoples’ daily lives, and she works with the client to deeply understand what they want and need in their space.

​As the daughter of a United States Foreign Service Officer, Sally spent much of her childhood overseas.  A multi-cultural heritage of French-Canadian on her Father’s side, and Peruvian on her Mother’s, has also inspired Sally’s creativity, which is delivered beyond her client’s expectations.

Sally is a Past President of the Triangle Chapter of the Interior Design Society; a member of numerous Professional Associations including the Home Builders Association and the Remodeler’s Council; and is a volunteer with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild.  Sally has lived in Raleigh for thirty years, where she and her husband, Richard, raised their two daughters - Angela and Nancy.  

Colorful Concepts Interior Design is a full-service Interior Design studio providing professional services in residential renovation design, space planning, new home materials selections, custom window treatments, and furnishings, fine art and craft consulting, and more.  At Colorful Concepts Interior Design, long-term client relationships are valued, and we look forward to working with you on future projects as well. We are fortunate to serve clients in a way that truly enhances their lives.

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Luann Nigara

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Dec 27, 2019

Welcome to another Power Talk Friday! Today, we're very excited to be talking money with our guest, Gerri Detweiler! Gerri understands just how to talk to creatives like us about money in a way that we truly get it.

As designers, we need to understand that working intentionally with our business finances will ultimately allow us to bring our design talent to the world. However, many creatives struggle to understand the nuances of money and finance, so, in today's episode, Gerri talks to us about business finance and she explains how to get access to a line of credit. Be sure to listen in, to get a clear understanding of credit and financing for your business.

Gerri has been guiding individuals through the confusing world of credit for more than twenty years. Her articles have been widely syndicated, and she is either the author or co-author of five books, including her most recent, Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track. Gerri is also the Education Director for Nav, which matches small business owners to their best financing options and gives them free access to their personal and business credit scores. Tune in today, to find out more!

Show Highlights:

  • Gerri admits that she's not a numbers person. She does what she does because she loves helping people.
  • Gerri hates seeing people making bad choices.
  • Why you need to have a good financial buffer available for your business.
  • Setting your business up smartly, for success.
  • Protecting your personal finances from your business's ups and downs.
  • There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about which cards to use in your business.
  • Some clever strategies for saving on bank charges.
  • Avoiding fraud with credit cards.
  • Using business credit to benefit your cash-flow.
  • Establishing a line of credit.
  • There are many different loans available for small businesses via the SBA.
  • Checking on business credit.
  • Why you need to keep your personal credit scores separate from business credit scores.
  • Business credit- use it or you'll lose it.
  • How Nav helps business owners.
  • You can set up your business credit for free with Nav.


Nav: The coupon code for opening a premium Nav account is PODCAST.

Nav Blog

Find out which small business credit cards don't report to your personal credit: Nav

Small business credit cards that DO help you build business credit

Get Nav's free Build Business Credit Checklist at Nav Podcast

Facebook: Nav

Twitter: NavSMB

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Dec 24, 2019

Welcome! We have Mimi Goldsmith, a loyal podcast listener, and the principal owner of her referral-based business, Style by Mimi G, with us on the show today. Mimi's bio is a perfect example of the lessons that Fred Berns, and Nicole Heymer, of Curio Electro, have been teaching us. Although Mimi has only been in business for a few short years, she has created a bio that draws the reader's attention to the uniqueness of her work. In today's episode, she talks to us about her business, how she started it, and all the shows that influenced her and helped her get her business off the ground. Be sure to listen in today, to hear what Mimi has to share about her journey!

Mimi Goldsmith, an interior decorator, and stylist is the principal owner of Style by Mimi G, which she opened in 2016. Mimi provides full-service interior decorating, e-design service, interior consultations, space planning, paint color consulting and home styling packages. She specializes in creating one-of-a-kind residential and commercial interiors for her local full-service clients. She also specializes in creating tranquil therapy offices for therapists across the world through her online services. Tune in now, to find out how Mimi got her business up and running!

Show Highlights:

  • Mimi describes her spontaneous decision to start her interior design business.
  • The kind of research Mimi did when she started her business.
  • Mimi didn't know how much to charge when she started.
  • The magic of attending a LuAnn Live event.
  • Mimi explains how she found this podcast.
  • The groups that can be found via the podcast.
  • How Mimi has been growing her business.
  • Where Mimi found the necessary information to grow her business.
  • Some lessons that Mimi learned from getting her clients' feedback.
  • To work after business hours, or not?
  • Mimi takes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons off.
  • Some very valuable lessons that Mimi has learned.
  • Making use of My Doma's services.
  • It's a great idea to create various design packages.
  • Learning about vendor relationships.
  • Buying from local vendors and learning from their expertise.
  • It's essential to run your business with integrity.
  • When you charge more, you can deliver more, and you create loyalty.


Mimi Goldsmith's website: Style by Mimi G

Instagram: Style by Mimi G

Facebook: Style by Mimi G

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Dec 20, 2019

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! Today, we have Vita (Vitalia) Vygovska joining us on the show. As most of you know, Vita is LuAnn's Window Treatment Friday co-host. Ever since they launched the series last summer, they have been getting awesome feedback from designers and the window treatment community. Vita is an award-winning window treatment specialist with an impressive career path. In today's episode, you will learn all about her life, her career, her business, and her superpowers, so be sure to listen in, to get to know Vita a little better!

Vita has an MBA. She is a CWFP (Certified Window Treatment Professional), an award-winning window treatment specialist, and an author. Her company, Vitalia Inc. Her company, Vitalia, Inc., provides all-encompassing concierge-level, tech-driven fabrication, measurement, installation, and project management services, exclusively for interior designers. Tune in today to find out more!

Show Highlights:

  • Vita talks about what her career path looked like before she started doing window treatments.
  • How Vita came to open Vitalia Inc.
  • Vita has a flair for finance.
  • The corporate world can be brutal.
  • Vita truly appreciates the skills she developed and the lessons she learned in the corporate world.
  • Why Vita decided to leave her corporate career.
  • Productivity is very important for Vita.
  • The kind of confidence that corporate gave Vita.
  • Learning the skill and finesse to stand her ground in the face of bullies.
  • Looking back to learn from your past mistakes.
  • Vita is like an extension of the team of the designers she works with.
  • Entering the window treatment world with her eyes wide open.
  • It took Vita two years to decide to leave the corporate world.
  • Being very clear about your mission and vision.
  • It's not necessary to go it alone because there's so much help and support available out there.
  • What you will learn in Vita's eight-week Profit With Window Treatments
  • Remember- your success starts with a decision.


Vitalia Vygovska (Vita for short), CWFP, MBA, is an award-winning window treatment specialist, author, speaker, mom, wife, and a ballroom dance enthusiast.  Her company, Vitalia, Inc, provides all-encompassing concierge-level, tech-driven fabrication, measurement, installation, and project management services exclusively for interior designers.  In business for over a decade, Vita and her team are experts in their narrow field, providing designers with superb quality product and excellent communication.  Most importantly, they take off the stress, save time, and give peace of mind in the job is well-done.

A big thank you to Kirsch for sponsoring Window Treatment Fridays!


To learn more & register for Vita's course: Profit With Window Treatments

To learn more about working with Vita and Vitalia Inc

To learn more about working with Window Works

To receive a free subscription to Window Fashion Vision Magazine

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Dec 17, 2019

Welcome! Today, Laura Umansky, the principal of Laura U, (episode # 64) joins us once again on the show. Laura very clear about her vision for her firm and she is currently guiding her company to work towards growing from a five-million-dollar firm to a ten-million-dollar firm. In today's episode, Laura explains that, for her, this kind of growth requires a team of outside expert consultants, including an outside CFO, an EOS (Entrepreneur's Operating System) consultant, and her business advisor, in addition to her internal team. Laura is a true #smartlady, so be sure to listen in today, to hear this outstanding conversation.

Laura is the Founder and Creative Director of Laura U Interior Design, which is based in Houston, Texas. Her work has been featured by esteemed media outlets, which include Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Modern Luxury Houston, Veranda, and Luxe Interiors. Laura is also in Carl Dellator's brand new book, On Style: Inspiration and Advice from the New Generation of Interior Design,

which was released in the fall of 2019. Tune in now, for more!

Show Highlights:

  • Laura is ultra-focused and she is a major planner.
  • Nothing happens by accident so you have to be prepared to be lucky.
  • Laura talks about the intentional way that she and her plan for her business to be run.
  • Work begets work.
  • You need to put yourself out there, plan, and get involved with your community, for things to come back to you.
  • Laura is ready to take her firm to the next level. She explains what this means for her.
  • Structuring a business to scale it.
  • Laura describes the kinds of decisions she has to make in her firm.
  • For her first seven years in business, Laura worked without the assistance of any advisors.
  • Laura started working with a business coach four or five years ago.
  • Working with a virtual CFO.
  • Laura has chosen to run her business on the EOS (Entrepreneur's Operating System) system.
  • The EOS system can even be used for a family!
  • Always doing what's best for the business is vital.
  • How Laura manages to be both the visionary and the integrator for her firm.
  • Laura talks about the processes that are involved in growing her firm from a five-million-dollar company to a ten-million-dollar company.
  • Being a life-long-learners with a growth mindset is important for scaling a business.
  • Laura talks about Carl Dellator's book, On Style, which has just come out.


Laura Umansky is the Founder and Creative Director of Laura U Interior Design, a firm based in Houston, TX. Design has always been a part of her life. From a young age, Laura was deeply influenced by her environment, constantly finding ways to arrange her possessions with meaning and purpose. Seeing her father build her childhood home in Seguin, TX was the starting point of her career. “To see that he could do that, create our home with his own two hands…that lit something inside of me,” says Laura, who went on to study art at the University of Texas and subsequently obtain her Masters in Architecture from the University of Houston.

In 2006, she founded Laura U Interior Design, bringing her unique vision for Classically Current interiors to life. “Interior design, the way we practice it, is a true luxury,” Laura says. “Every part is crafted by human hands. We take great care to find out what matters to our clients most, and then to articulate that through great design.” Every interior is an authentic reflection of our clients’ passions and values so that just like Laura, they are never without something they enjoy.

Laura’s work has been featured by esteemed media outlets, including Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Modern Luxury Houston, Veranda, and Luxe Interiors.

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Books mentioned:

Traction by Gino Wickman

Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters


Website: Laura U Interior Design

Instagram: Laura U Interior Design

Pinterest: Laura U Interior Design

Facebook: Laura U Interior Design

Article Trade Program

Mydoma Studio

Process Leads to Profits with Sara Lynn Brennan

Profit with Window Treatments with Vita Vygovska

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Design Build for Profit with Jenny Slingerland


Dec 13, 2019

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! Today, LuAnn will be talking to us about the kinds of problems and obstacles that stand in the way of designers with the running of their design firms. Although everyone is unique, there are still certain themes that play out, and problems that we all tend to share, as entrepreneurs. Listen in today, to learn what you can do to overcome the challenges that we, as designers, all face in our businesses.

LuAnn has put a lot of thought into the best way to address these things in a precise way that would benefit each of you the most, as individuals. This has not been an easy task because designers are such a diverse group, with varying levels of experience. In today's episode, LuAnn will teach you how to grow your client base, increase your net profits, improve your business acumen and sharpen your sales skills. She will also talk about goal setting and great ways to expand your network. Be sure to tune in today, to find out how to grow your business in 2020.

Show Highlights:

  • You can turn your business around by listening to the podcast. It's your number one free resource!
  • Systemizing every aspect of your business.
  • About Sara Brennan's eight-week course, Process Leads to Profits.
  • How to talk confidently with your clients about window treatments, with Vita's eight-week course.
  • You need to know what you don't know.
  • LuAnn's superpower is sales, which is all about listening.
  • Creating client loyalty and lasting relationships.
  • If you'd like to get inside of LuAnn's brain, will be meeting once a month, live, via Zoom. Go to to sign up.
  • Jenny Slingerland's DesignBuildForProfit course will be starting in February 2020.
  • A great opportunity for #seasoneddesigners.
  • LuAnn Live is coming in November of 2020.
  • Are you going to settle for normal in 2020 or will you strive to be exceptional?

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LuAnn Nigara

Process Leads to Profits

Profit With Window Treatments

Design-Build For Profit


LuAnn Nigara

LuAnn Nigara


Dec 10, 2019

Welcome to the show! Today, Britany Simons joins us. Britany founded her full-service design firm, Britany Simon Design House, in 2010. Her work caught the attention of national media and this helped to launch Britany into the world of television and media. In today's episode, she talks to us about her experience of being in the seventh season of the hit HGTV design challenge series, Design Star. She shares the lessons she's learned from doing the show, and how she applies them today, to her design firm. Be sure to listen in today, to hear about Britany's extensive experience of doing television shows.

For the last fifteen years, Britany's design career has covered everything from large-scale commercial renovations to budget-friendly builds, including entire home makeovers. With a degree in Business and Interior Design, Britany's professional career started with working for some of the top design firms in Arizona, where she specialized in kitchen and bath design, as well as the whole construction process, from conception to completion.

In addition to being a regular design contributor to television, digital, and print media outlets, Britany has also been the host for the Holiday House series on, a designer on Travel Channel's hit series, Hotel Impossible, co-host of We're Moving In, on the FYI Network, and a featured designer on Bravo Network's new design show, Best Room Wins. Tune in now, to find out more!

Show Highlights:

  • Britany enjoys supporting and having the support of other designers.
  • Britany discusses how she stumbled into doing TV design shows.
  • Being on TV isn't as glamorous as it looks.
  • Why you don't make good money on TV unless you get into the fifth season of a show.
  • Some of the lessons Britany learned from being on a TV show.
  • TV challenges are very stressful and you have to be self-sufficient and savvy with your resources because you're left to your own devices.
  • You have to be highly organized to pull off a TV challenge. It's a very testing experience.
  • It's very rewarding to complete a TV challenge.
  • Being on TV is not what you would imagine because it's more exciting for the producers if the designer breaks down and falls apart.
  • What Britany learned about herself, as a designer, from being on TV.
  • Being on TV taught Britany to be more efficient and trust her gut.
  • Learning to understand the process of how things are made, and what's involved with the different aspects of a renovation process.
  • Britany gained a lot of confidence from being on TV.
  • Being on TV certainly opened doors for Britany.
  • You need to know what you want from being on TV before you start because it's a huge time commitment.
  • You need to be mindful of where you're putting your energy.
  • Television has been the marketing that Britany has used in her business.


To Britany Simon, the foundation of good design is about the experience that it gives you. She believes in spaces that blend fashion with function and luxury with livability.  With a focus on creating a space that is a reflection of who you are, and an emphasis on how it makes you feel.  Her artistic nature, a penchant for the details, and eye for the unexpected have helped her create incredibly distinguished living spaces and striking commercial projects for her clients.

Over the last fifteen years, Britany’s experience has spanned across a vast array of projects – from large-scale commercial renovations to whole home makeovers to budget-friendly builds. Although she has had a lifelong love affair with interior design and architecture, Britany received formal training through her bachelor’s degree in Business & Interior Design. She began her professional career working for some of the top design firms in Arizona where she worked on new residential homes, specializing in both kitchen and bath design, from conception to completion throughout the entire construction process.

In 2010, she founded Britany Simon Design House – a full-service design firm. The signature style and unmatched execution of BSDH have garnered a notable client roster with projects all over the country. Additionally, her work has caught the attention of national media and helped launch Britany’s foray into the television and media world.

Upon being selected on the seventh season of the hit HGTV design challenge series, Design Star, Britany discovered a new passion for television and video production. Her natural talent for design and on-camera presence earned her the accolade of “Fan Favorite” from her season. In addition to being a regular design contributor to television, digital and print media outlets, she has also been the host for the Holiday House series on, a designer on Travel Channel’s hit series, Hotel Impossible, co-host of We’re Moving In on the FYI Network, and a featured designer on Bravo Network's new design show, Best Room Wins airing May 2019.

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Website: Britany Simon

Pinterest: Britany Simon


Facebook: Britany Simon Design


Dec 6, 2019

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! Brad Clinard, a certified financial planner from High Point, NC, joins us on the show today. Brad, like Peter Lang, the Designer CPA, (episodes #349 and #464) specializes in working with interior designers. He has a very real desire to help the people in our industry, and his approach to finances is different from any other financial planner. He knows that every designer needs to plan for life’s financial challenges, and for their retirement, so he helps them maximize their earnings over their lifetime. He refers to this as intentional planning for abundant living. Be sure to listen in today to find out what Brad does to help designers plan for a life and future that they deserve to have. 

Brad graduated from UNC Charlotte, Magna Cum Laude, majoring in Economics with a concentration in Psychology. He was the senior team captain of the tennis team and worked closely with the NCAA advocating for student-athletes. Brad has earned the designation CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Brad is married to Hope, a pastry chef. They attend Wesley Memorial Church in High Point, and they have a passion for missions and service, most recently supporting Youth with a Mission, Casey Cares Foundation and the Old North State Boy Scouts Board. In his “spare” time, Brad enjoys reading, movies, travel, time outdoors and eating great food. His adventures have included hiking the northern half of the Appalachian Trail and the Laugavegur in Iceland. Tune in now, for more.

Show Highlights:

  • Brad helps designers with their personal financial planning.
  • We need to learn to understand how to use our money to empower us to live an abundant life.
  • Brad’s parents were in the traditional wealth management industry and they focused on investing.
  • Brad’s experience of growing up in High Point.
  • Brad explains what financial design is all about.
  • Starting with people’s values, rather than with their financial goals.
  • The Designer’s Dozen are twelve challenges that designers face when working with traditional financial planners.
  • Goals are future-focused and temporary, and values are present-focused and permanent.
  • Understanding your values is the first point in getting to know yourself.
  • Brad spends a lot of his time trying to understand how our psychology affects us.
  • From a professional perspective, there are four types of money scripts that everybody falls into- money avoidance, money worship, money status or money vigilance.
  • It can be very challenging for creative-minded designers to find professionals to give them advice and guidance.
  • There are generally four different communication styles.
  • Bridging the gap between the different styles of communication.
  • Why Brad decided to focus on interior designers.
  • How to know when you need the services of a financial planner.
  • Brad gives you the Ten Keys to Financial Foundation.
  • The plans that Brad will create for you.
  • Follow your bliss and plan for an abundant life.
  • A formula for having a less stressful experience of life.
  • Brad has a three-stage process to help clients going through transitions in their lives.

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Website:  High Point Financial Design 

Quiz to learn your money script: High Point Financial Design


Dec 3, 2019

Welcome! We have Monica Wilcox, the principal of M Wilcox Design, joining us today. Monica is a #seasoneddesigner. She's dynamic, entertaining, and she's on the show to share some of her killer inspiration. She talks to us about coming to grips with her "business midlife crisis", her decision to be on TV, diversifying revenue streams, and setting the rules for yourself first, and then for your clients, to ensure your success as an interior design business owner. Monica is often called on for her advice. She is full of energy and her approach to business and life is truly authentic. You're really going to love her, so be sure to listen in, to hear what she has to share!

M Wilcox Design is an award-winning design firm with an emphasis on collaboration. Monica's impeccable eye for design and her in-depth knowledge about project management really sets her apart from other design companies. She has very well-established systems, from the initial design phase all the way through to the final install, and every project is executed with precision and exceptional quality. Tune in today, to find out more about Monica and the efficient way that she runs her design firm.

Show Highlights:

  • Monica did not start out in business with a foundation for success. She had to teach herself the business side of her business.
  • Some of the core things that designers should be paying attention to when they start a business.
  • Monica started out with a career in the military. There, she learned about determination and discipline.
  • Monica is a believer in staying in her own lane and always hiring people who are good at what they do, to help her get to the top of her game.
  • It's important to hire the top people.
  • Monica explains what she looks for when hiring people.
  • What caused Monica's business mid-life crisis, ten years ago.
  • Finding a new sense of purpose.
  • Transformation is powerful.
  • Figuring out a deeper meaning to what you do.
  • Monica shares her strategies for diversifying revenue streams.
  • Getting on TV happened very easily for Monica.
  • Preparation plus opportunity leads to success.
  • Running with a structured system.
  • There's so much to be learned from events and other designers.
  • Monica explains her fee structure.
  • All about Monica's Design Mecca classes and education.


Interior Designer Monica Wilcox is an expert in delivering unique designs with functionality in mind. Her award-winning design firm creates gorgeous interiors that also offer livable-style with a California twist.

With an emphasis on Collaboration, Monica is able to realize the vision of her clients and bring them to life. She has the unique ability to connect with her clients and radiates a tremendous passion for what she does which is contagious to everyone around her.

Her impeccable eye for design combined with her in-depth knowledge of project management sets her apart from other interior designers. From initial designs to the final install, each project is executed with precision and exceptional quality.

Monica is frequently called upon for advice for everything from interior design to business growth to lifestyle tips. She enjoys the art of living fully and completely and is happy to share that with others. With boundless energy, an honest and direct approach, and an infectious spirit, it’s possible that this creative visionary may someday be in every household in America.

Monica Wilcox is the founder of Design Mecca, an online learning center that teaches interior designers how to start a successful business. Along with her colleague Nikki Chu, Monica teaches at the accredited online university which features a course broken up into 36 videos and 12 modules that students can work through at their own pace.

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