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In today's world being a talented interior designer isn't enough to ensure that you have a profitable and successful interior design business. Design school doesn't always teach you the critical business skills to be sure your interior design business be everything you imagined it would be! A Well Designed Business is here to fill in the gaps and give you real live business skills from some of the top interior designers. Your host, LuAnn Nigara shares her 35 years of success in the interior design industry, and she finds the most successful guests to share their interior design business best practices.
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Nov 29, 2017

How many times have you, as a Designer,  felt like you were caught between your client and the Contractor? You know the kinds of situations where you have created a floor plan for space, only to find, on your next visit to the site, that a wall has been moved... So, what happens when this happens? Listen in now, to find out.

Judith Neary and Corey Klassen have some terrific insights and advice for you around this subject, on today's Design Biz Live feature. On today's show, Corey and Judith will be talking about how to manage not being the Project Manager. The diversity of the Design Industry is your strength, but sometimes also your weakness, as a Designer, so listen in, as we pick this topic apart a bit and go through the nuances of it, so that you can find out how to avoid being in this kind of situation.

Show highlights:

  • The definition of Project Management.
  • Judith's concept of the three legs of the stool.
  • The challenge that Corey faced recently, around having to manage a project.
  • The role of the General Contractor, as compared with that of an Architect, or a Designer.
  • The different elements that need to be pulled together, to create cohesion in a project.
  • What a really good Project Manager looks like.
  • Where Designers tend to fall down in a project.
  • What the initial Sales Process should cover.
  • Judith's way of preventing the pain factor in a project.
  • Educating the client about the costs of Project Management.
  • When to say 'no' to a project.


Nov 27, 2017

Welcome to today's show! Our guest for today, Amanda Evans, is someone you may know through Instagram. She is the Founder and Principal of Amanda Evans Interiors, which is based in Vancouver. Amanda opened her business in 2009, before the birth of  Theo, her first child. Today Amanda talks to LuAnn about what work looked like for her before Theo came into her life, what it looked like after Theo began pre-school and what it looks like now, after their daughter, Marlee, who is now just three months old, was born. Listen in to find out more.

On the show today, Amanda gives a detailed explanation of how she grew and then filled her pipeline, so that now, only three years later, she already has three employees. If you have been battling with ways to give your new (or existing firm) a boost in getting new leads, you're going to really enjoy today's show. Listen in now, to find out from Amanda some ways to handle the transitions in life, both from a business standpoint and when things come at you personally.

Show highlights:

  • Some of Amanda's observations about the transitions in her life, over the last few years.
  • Amanda's really intentional way of creating relationships with the Builders and Realtors that she wanted to work with.
  • What it was like for Amanda, and how she coped, when she first joined the mostly male Builder's Association and started going to networking meetings.
  • Amanda's way of initiating a first meeting, to connect with the Builders and Realtors that she wanted to build relationships with.
  • Some lessons that Amanda learned, and how her thinking changed, while making the transitions in her life.
  • How Amanda was able to up-level her work and take on even more, by hiring people to assist her.
  • Taking the pain out of developing new relationships with Builders or Contractors.
  • How Amanda managed to get ideal team together.
  • Some advice to help you to hire the right people for your business.
  • Amanda's way of growing her Instagram, to get over 12 000 followers.
  • Some things to watch out for, when tagging people on Instagram.
  • You really do need to credit your photographer!
  • Winning ways to work with Instagram.
  • Some tips for engaging with your Instagram Community.


Instagram: @amandaevansinteriors
Twitter: @amandaevansinc
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Nov 24, 2017

Welcome to another Power Talk Friday! Today LuAnn is really excited to have Joe Haecker, The CEO and Founder of Dezignwall, with her on the show. Listen in to find out more about this awesome social network platform, created specifically for the Design community.

Dezignwall is the fastest growing network for Design and Architectural professionals, worldwide. It is the very first social platform to address the specific needs of the international Design community and it blends the features found on top social media platforms with the ability to produce products. The goal of Dezignwall is to unite the International Design and Products community, in order to help the industry to compete in a constantly changing and growing global marketplace.

Joe's background is in Custom Lighting, for hotels, casinos, high end residential and Daylight Tubular Skylight Industries. He has been responsible for setting trends, developing innovations and also coordinating world-class projects internationally, for more than seventeen years. He has served as Head Of Design for Triton Chandelier, Alger Lighting, and Solatube International. He has also consulted for many custom lighting companies, including iWorks, Spectrum, 3Form Light-Art Schonbek and lots of others. Joe has a passion for the success of the industry and he serves as an Industry Advocate, fostering a focus on global communication, collaboration and restoring the value of luxury in the industry. Joe is a single Dad of two sons and he is very involved in Business Consulting, Mentoring and establishing an ecosystem for startups and Tech Companies in the Antelope Valley and Kern Country areas of Southern California. Listen in now!

Show highlights:

  • Joe explains how Dezignwall came about, what it is and why you, as a Designer, should care.
  • The difference between Dezignwall and Instagram.
  • Dezignwall is a place for one of a kind artisans.
  • The multiple angles that a product can be viewed, on Dezignwall.
  • The awesome features to be found on Dezignwall.
  • Why a Designer would want to upload their projects onto Dezignwall.
  • How Dezignwall works as a sales efficiency tool.
  • How Dezignwall works for Designers and how it works for consumers.
  • Joe's motivation in creating Dezignwall.
  • Dezignwall is the only social network platform that features Podcasts.
  • Joe explains the value of having your Podcast featured on this platform, to tell your Design story.
  • Dezignwall is a tool that has access to analytics, so it can really help you to cater to the specific needs of each client.
  • Everything on this platform can be accessed via a keyword search.
  • The benefits of this platform, for reaching and connecting with a global market.
  • Dezignwall as a system for coordinating the Trade Shows that you attended.
  • The goal that Joe had in mind when creating this platform.



FB LIVE Talkshow:

Social Handle: @Dezignwall, Inc


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Nov 22, 2017

Welcome to today's episode! We have Shannon Tate, a real go-getter, with us on the show today. She opened her business, Shannon Tate Interiors, in 2012, after having worked in a very diverse range of artistic fields, such Acting, Fine Art, Fashion, Writing, Lifestyle Coaching and even spending some time working as a Private Chef. Shannon, who is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, loves to pair her artistic vision with her sense of empathy, her Reiki training and her knowledge of Ayurveda and Feng Shui.

In addition to her Interior Design Services, Shannon designs and creates custom furniture, art and home décor for her projects. After being in business for only five years, Shannon has been featured in Home Polish three times, Apartment Therapy twice, Design Sponge, Domino, The Nest, New England Home, and Modern Sanctuary. Listen in now, to find out more about Shannon's artistic approach to her Interior Design business.

Shannon grew up both in New York and Los Angeles. On today's show, she shares the story of how she, her husband and their daughter ended up in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, so listen in, to find out more.

Show highlights:

  • Shannon talks about her earlier career, which eventually brought her to Interior Design.
  • A funny story about why Shannon left Design School when she was still very young.
  • The food business that Shannon and her husband ran together.
  • How Shannon has managed to incorporate her Lifestyle Coaching with Interior Design.
  • Their crazy move to Massachusetts, which prompted Shannon to hire a Coach.
  • How Shannon got featured in so many top Design Publications, after opening her business only five years ago.
  • How Shannon works to get what she really wants.
  • The nuts and bolts of how Shannon Tate Interiors is run.
  • Shannon explains her recent change in the way that she charges her clients.
  • How Shannon deals with clients who want to negotiate her contract.
  • Offering excellent Customer Service, without compromising your own principals.
  • What's coming up for Shannon in 2018.

Connect with Shannon:



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To contact LuAnn, you can text her using the word Design Biz on 444999, or you can email her at .

Nov 20, 2017

A special 'hello' to all our new listeners and a warm welcome to the show!  Today we are really happy to introduce you to our guest, Chaney Widmer, the Founder of Mix And Match Design Company. Chaney is a very smart lady, who saw a need in the market and created a really innovative way to fill it. She offers One On One Decorating Services, through her  E-Design and Online Interior Design and on her Mix And Match Blog, she shares her decorating tips and inspiration. Listen in, to find out more about  E-Design and how to make it work profitably for you.

Today, Chaney explains how she created Mix And Match Design, in order to provide affordable and accessible Interior Design to everyone. After many years of writing a Design Blog and helping her friends and family to put together beautiful homes that they loved, Chaney decided that the time had come for her launch her own internet-based Design Business. Chaney is fully committed to taking the intimidation out of Interior Design, whether her client is starting from scratch with a brand new home,  adding a few pieces to pull a room together or even just looking for a way to take their space from looking good to looking really great! Listen in now, to hear Chaney's poised and intelligent approach to her carefully designed business model.

Show highlights:

  • Chaney explains why she chose to focus her business on  E-Design.
  • What motivated Chaney to deal with the specific market that she has chosen to focus on.
  • The demographics of the market that Chaney focuses on.
  • The really reasonable cost of working with Chaney.
  • The number of hours that Chaney typically spends on a $300 project.
  • The time that it takes for Chaney to complete her average project.
  • How her processes have evolved, over time.
  • Chaney's detailed, but not overwhelming survey that she gives her clients to complete.
  • How Chaney created the contract that she currently uses with her clients.
  • How Chaney makes her money through affiliate links.
  • Great resources for an affiliate networks, as a way to earn money through their affiliate programs.
  • The type metric that is sought after, for Affiliate Programs.
  • What creating an Affiliate Link would involve- it's really easy!
  • The kind of service that Chaney offers her clients.
  • How Chaney does her follow-ups.
  • The eDesign Course that Chaney is going to be launching soon.
  • The target market for Chaney's upcoming eDesign Course.

Resources for Affiliate Programs:

                 Reward Style Network – An application based Affiliate Network.

Shop Style Collective – Have a pay per click affiliate program.

  1. J. Affiliate.

Sign up for “How To Launch An E-Design Business" online course email list signup:

Connect with Chaney on social media:

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Nov 17, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Power Talk Friday! Everyone can start doing their happy dance today because we have Kae Whitaker on the show! After doing her really great series all about Facebook, LuAnn was considering doing another series, about landing pages, click funnels, email responders etc. She was out there, in Podcast Land, listening and looking out for the right person to have on the show- someone who could really relate to you, as Designers, as well as having all the necessary know-how, when out of the blue, she got a notification that Kae Whitaker was going live on Instagram. She went on over to have a look and there was Kae, talking about click funnels and email sequences... It was like hitting the jackpot for LuAnn because she knows that Kae really talks our language, so listen in to find out what Kae has to share with you today, about Email Marketing.

If you're a new listener and you haven't yet been introduced to Kae, this is the fourth time that she's been on this show and she is really well loved by all who listen in. She was on episode 26, 66 and 114. In the past, we have discussed branding, how to hire and train interns and how to conduct a proper year-end review of your business. Today Kae is here to talk about Sales Funnels. What they are, why we need to know about them and how we can apply them to our individual interior design firms. Kae answers the questions: What kind of content should be in an email sequence and how often should I send a potential client an email?

 Kay is the Owner and the CEO  of Kae Whitaker Solutions and she has more than ten years of experience in Retail Sales and Marketing Development. Now, her focus is on helping Small Businesses to stay competitive in their market and helping them to reach and surpass their revenue goals. She has worked with some of the largest national retailers and she now leverages her expertise in Retail Sales and Marketing Development to create her Premium Coaching Programs, that really help Small Business owners to tune in to what matters most in their Marketing efforts, by streamlining their processes and maximizing on their clientele. Kae's highest achievements come from helping others to reach their goals and she really loves having the opportunity to help people to take their brand to the next level. So, listen in now, to find out how to tune in to what really matters most for your business.

Show highlights:

  • Kae explains what a Sales Funnel
  • Why Sales Funnels are really important for Designers.
  • The major difference in the number of conversions, and also the ability to predict revenue, that Kae has experienced in her firm, since starting with Email Marketing.
  • Where to start, with developing your Email Marketing.
  • Thinking about what you could offer for free, in return for an email address.
  • You're really not interrupting anyone, with Email Marketing, because they only opt-in if they're interested.
  • Why video works so well, as an opt-in.
  • What to do, right after getting your first opt-in.
  • How to build a great, trusting relationship, through your emails.
  • The whole point behind Email Marketing.
  • What the content of the sequence of emails, following the opt-in, should include.
  • The right time to schedule a chat with someone.
  • Working with an Automated Email Responder. (Like Acuity Scheduling)
  • Not stopping after the first 'no' can really set you apart from other Designers.
  • If you can muster up the courage to get in front of a camera, do it! The video really converts well!
  • Some alternative ideas, if you don't want to appear on camera.
  • All about what's to be expected from Kae's soon to be launched Email Marketing Bootcamp. It will be live on Tuesdays at 8 pm (Central Standard Time) and it will be recorded, so you can still catch it if you miss the live broadcast.
  • Why Kae designed her Email Marketing Bootcamp- and who it's for.
  • The importance of spending the time to learn something new.
  • Kae's course will cost $949 retail, and you, as listeners to A Well Designed Business Podcast will get a hefty 25% discount. Go to to find the check-out form on the website. You can either pay it all at once, or you can even split it into three monthly payments.
  • Kae will be back on the show soon, to talk about the more technical side of Email Marketing.


Kae’s course, Email Marketing Bootcamp is open and teaches everything you need to know in order to develop your own pipeline filling email strategy — A Well-Designed Business podcast listeners can get 25% off the $949.00 course by going to

Her website:

Nov 15, 2017

Today we have Lisa Escobar on the show and she has a Design Firm based in Las Vegas. Lisa was initially connected to LuAnn through Christie Leu (episode #182) and Darci Hether (episode #220). Lisa, Christie, Darcy and another Designer, Jessie Cooney, met at an Interior Designer Workshop Summit. They really hit it off and decided to all meet again, for a weekend retreat. Today, on the show, Lisa discusses the value of getting together with other Designers and having some quality one on one time together and she also talks about her firm, Lisa Escobar Design. Listen in to find out more.

Lisa is from Las Vegas, and growing up in the 'Entertainment Capital of the World' has really had an impact on her career, where she has managed to complete a vast range of projects in an impressively short time. She has consulted on and managed high-rise condo transformations, high-end residential spaces, and new build designs, both locally and beyond. She has shaped concepts and designs for Commercial and Hospitality projects alike, collaborating with the best of the industry's Design Professionals. The influence of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas has helped Lisa to add flair and high style comfort to everything she's touched. Travelling to places such as China, Spain, and France has offered her inspiration to draw from daily, to shape her vibrant and polished style. Lisa is steadily gaining recognition from the Design Community and well-respected brands such as HGTV, Houzz, International Market Centres and the High Point Market Authority view her as a sought after tastemaker and a rising star. Lisa's ten-year history of working alongside Hotel Executives, Nightclub Owners and high profile clientele at top resorts has led her to create a business that really encompasses some very important principals. Lisa was left ingrained with some vital key service values, from the Five Star Five Diamond environment of the Wynn and Encore Resorts. Listen in today, to find out more about Lisa's approach to her Design Business, which really sets her apart from the rest.

Show highlights:

  • The great benefits of spending quality one on one time with other Designers.
  • The 'secret sauce' behind the really valuable time that Lisa spent at the weekend retreat with three other Superwoman Designers, Christy Lou, Darcy Heather and Jessie Cooney.
  • Lisa discusses how her typically high level, CEO, high performer, mostly male, niche market came about.
  • The way that Lisa leverages her previous work experience in the Hospitality Industry, for her current business.
  • How Lisa evolved towards realizing her niche.
  • Looking at your strengths, to find your ideal market.
  • An unintentional marketing tactic that really worked!
  • Lisa's experience of being at Cambria's Residential Style-makers Summit, in Minnesota and how she got to go there.
  • All about Lisa's Firm.
  • The secret to how to ask for money.
  • Paying attention to your gut feelings.
Nov 13, 2017

Welcome! Today, we're really happy to introduce you to Landy Gardner Interiors, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Landy Gardner Interiors have a really unique philosophy with which they approach their diverse clientele, where the focus is on individual needs and on combining the comfort of familiarity with new and fresh elements, using techniques both proven and untried. The way that a client works, plays, entertains and relaxes must all be considered, according to the Landy Gardner way of designing. Today, we're really privileged to have Landy's daughter, Dionne, on the show with us.

We originally arranged to have both Landy and Dionne on the show, however, due to some technical hitches on their end, the recording of the interview had to be rescheduled twice. Sadly, in the interim, Landy Gardner passed away. He was a man bigger than life and a great, kind soul and even though LuAnn had very little exchange with him, he made a really deep impression on her.

Today, Dionne talks about how she started working her Dad, the lessons that she learned from him and also about how she will continue to lead his company and carry on with his legacy, with the help of her team. LuAnn is really so very glad that Dionne decided that she still wanted to go ahead and do the interview with her today, so listen in now, as Dionne shares her memories of her father and the inspiration that he was to her.

In 2001, Landy Gardner was named South East Designer Of The Year, by the Atlantic Decorative Arts Centre and he has been named Designer Of The Year by Nashville Magazine. He has been published in Southern Living, Southern Accents, Traditional Home, Nashville Lifestyles, Showcase Of Interior Design, Southern Edition, Better Homes And Gardens, Boulevards, Southern Rooms, Interior Design From Miami To Houston, Spectacular Homes Of Tennessee, Atlanta, the cover of Veranda and a feature in Veranda's twentieth anniversary edition- Twenty Years Of Memorable Rooms. Landy has also been on HDTV's  Interior By Design.

Landy Gardner Interior's design projects include private residences in Tennessee, New York,  California, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and also The Bahamas. He has designed rooms for the Tennessee Governor's Mansion, the Junior League Of Nashville's show houses and the Judd House, in Dalton, Georgia. Landy's commercial work includes Health Spas and Executive Offices in Nashville and office buildings for Hospital Corporation Of America, across the country, and also restaurants and bars for strategic hospitality. Both Landy and His Daughter, Dionne, are rare and extraordinary individuals, as well as being really talented Designers, so listen in to this bittersweet interview, to find out more about Landy Gardner Interiors.

Show highlights:

  • How Dionne first came to work for her Dad.
  • What it was like for Dionne, when she started working for her Dad.
  • How Dionne got to know and admire her Dad much more deeply, after working with him.
  • How it was all about the client, for Landy- something that really made him remarkable.
  • The really great, collaborative dynamic that existed between Dionne and Landy.
  • How Dionne now finds herself selecting fabrics in the way that Landy would have done it.
  • Landy's amazingly integrated left brain/ right brain approach to his work.
  • Dionne explains how she learned to shop for clients, using Landy's mindful method.
  • Why Dionne and Landy were able to work together, so successfully.
  • The way that Dionne intends to go forward with her Dad's business and honor his legacy.
  • Landy's mindblowing process of installation, for a project.
  • The importance of being clear about the methods that you use, in your Design process.


Nov 10, 2017

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! We have Nancy Ganzekaufer with us today and if you're a new listener to the show and you're not familiar with her, she has already been on the show twice before, first on episode #15, where she spoke about Niche Markets and then again, on episode #159, where she had a very actionable conversation with LuAnn about getting clear and confident about who you are and what you offer. Today we are going to be talking about your business, in words. This will be the kind of show where you may want to take down some notes, so please have your pen and paper ready. Then, listen in, to find out about a fantastic, non-salesy way of having people really want to work with you.

Nancy and LuAnn are eight weeks through their fantastic ten weeks Premiere Online Coaching Program, Money, Mindset, And Sales, with an awesome group of people, who are all working really hard, to get themselves to the next level. So far it's been really interesting and also very rewarding and because this Program has been such an all-round success, they have decided to do it again, so they will be launching their new program, Six Weeks To Success, in January. Listen in to find out more.

Nancy has developed a powerful step by step exercise called Your Business in Words. She guides you in crafting the perfect description of your values, your interior design services and your process all with the goal of attracting more of your ideal client to you. If you have ever struggled with networking, promoting yourself or just need a proven way to make a memorable introduction of yourself, Nancy has the answer for you.

Show highlights:

  • Nancy takes you, step by step, through what their Six Weeks To Success Program, starting on January the 4th, will include. Go to to get the details. Registration is open!
  • Nancy's take on the six clear and actionable steps that LuAnn and her husband do for their business, every year in January, or at any time that they're ready to start something new.
  • Really understanding what it is that you do, in your business.
  • Nancy explains her business, in words.
  • The goal of having your business, in words.
  • An exercise to help you to put your business into words. (You can go to for Nancy's free, twenty-minute webinar, to walk you through this process.)
  • Being who you are, and not who you think people want to hear that you are.
  • Adjectives to help you to get past the obvious traits that most Designers are going to bring to the table.
  • Identifying your ideal client and also, the particular problem that you help them to solve.
  • Using directed sentences, to describe your particular uniqueness, in your line of business.
  • Explaining how people can work with you.
  • Saying what the flow of your process is.
  • Saying what your consultations consist of.
  • How to add the enthusiasm for your last sentence.
  • Becoming attractive by showing your passion.
  • The more information that you give to people, the more relatable points they will have, to really connect with you.
  • When it would be appropriate to use your description of your business in words.

Sign up for Six Weeks to Success - 

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Nancy’s website

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Nancy on FB:

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Nancy on LinkedIn:

Nov 8, 2017

Today we have Anne Rue on the show. Anne is the principal of Anne Rue Interiors and she has more than twenty years of experience in the world of Design, having worked with both high end residential and also commercial clients. Today, Anne shares tons of insights, from her vast experience as a business owner, for you to enjoy and appreciate.  Listen in, as she talks about the complete turnaround in her eighteen-year-old business after she hired a Business Coach and also about the reality of doing Reality TV.

Anne has been creating inspired living spaces for everyone, from professional athletes, multi-family housing properties, model merchandising, senior housing and even luxury motor coaches and yachts. Anne's work has been featured in Florida Design, Orlando Magazine, Orange Appeal Magazine and she's been a Design Expert on Orlando's WESH News On Sunrise and Good Day Orlando, on Fox News. You may even know Anne as the Season Eight Fan Favorite, on HGTV's Design Star, or possibly as the Designer on the hit show, Hotel Impossible, on the travel channel. Listen in now, to find out more about Anne and her fabulous Design Work.

Show highlights:

  • What drove Anne to seek help for her business, after nearly eighteen years.
  • The benefits of working for a really great Designer in your area, regardless of the kind of work you may be required to do.
  • The consequences of moonlighting on super luxury motor coaches and yachts.
  • Utilising the genius of two women and their teams.
  • Where Anne would like to be in her business, in ten years time.
  • Some of the things that Anne learned from her two genius mentors.
  • A book that Anne highly recommends: The Values Factor, by John Demartini.
  • The importance of knowing who you are and where you want to be.
  • The niche market that Anne is currently focusing on.
  • Why Anne is currently cultivating her Builder Relationships.
  • Working out if a project is really worth the time that it will take.
  • The importance of working out your values- both personal values and those relating to your business.
  • Anne's whole experience of getting onto HGTV's Design Star show. (HGTV Star)
  • A view in hindsight of the true reality behind Reality TV.
  • Why Anne is not pursuing a career in TV, even though she does really well with it.


Instagram: Anne Rue interiors
Facebook: Anne Rue interiors
Pinterest: Anne Rue interiors
Nov 6, 2017

Welcome to part two of Design Biz Live 3, with Corey Klassen.  The last episode of Design Biz Live (#246) was the interview with Judith Neary, about the Self Assessment Evaluation, (which you can still find at that Judith and Corey put together for themselves and also for you, so that you can learn to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of yourself, as an Interior Designer and also of your staff. They created this because just like many of you, they battled to structure their fees. Because Judith and Corey really are pretty brilliant, they worked out a way to figure out what you're really good at, what you're not so good at, what you don't like doing, what you're not going to do... the whole thing! In the last episode, LuAnn talked with Judith, who runs a One Man Show, in Vashon Island, off the coast of Seattle, about how she used this evaluation to enable her to work in her particular zone of genius and to structure her projects and fees to best coincide with the things that she does really well and that she really likes to do. Please go back and listen, if you missed that episode.

Today, we have Corey Klassen with us on the show. Corey has his Interior Design firm in Vancouver, Canada and he has a staff, so when he took the evaluation, it was not only for himself, it was for his staff too. Today, Corey will share the results that he learned from his evaluation and also the way that he utilized the information from these results, about himself and also about each of the people on his staff. Then, using that information, he moves into the best way to structure the fees for his Design firm, in order to best serve his clients and also the firm, itself. Listen in to find out more.

Show highlights:

  • One of the key things that Corey recognized from his evaluation.
  • The way that Corey has utilized all the information that he got from the Assessment, without deviation.
  • All the work that Corey does, whether it's for a kitchen, bathroom, or anything else, it all follows exactly the same process.
  • Looking deeper into the data, to figure out where the biggest strengths and weaknesses of himself and his staff were and to align his fees accordingly.
  • Core shares some graphs, demonstrating the conceptual phase of his and his staff's assessment.
  • What the graph demonstrating the execution phase of Corey's Assessment says to him.
  • The importance of documents being communicated correctly, on time, with the right information and all complete, together.
  • A process to ensure that the documents are being communicated correctly, on time, with the right information all complete and together, with MyDoma Studio.
  • Flipping over to using Quickbooks to easily manage accounting systems, to save time.
  • Some key solutions to invite the vendor into the project.
  • Managing punch lists.
  • Using tracking sheets for orders, to really work well as a team.
  • A formulated process that Corey used, to help him to determine the appropriate fees to charge.
  • Addressing, and then utilizing failures to their best advantage.
  • The three phases of the evaluation are also the same three phases of a project.
  • Corey's formula for structuring flat fees.
  • Why Corey charges for each phase, before moving on to the next.
  • The difference between General Contractors and Designers.
  • The importance of really good communication.
  • When product sales come into the picture.
  • The importance of having a Termination Clause in your agreement with a client.
  • Making use of a Design Retainer, which remains retained until the final invoice is done. (Then the balance is refunded.)
  • If you have any questions, either for this section or for the section that Judith covered, please email them to LuAnn, to be answered on the next episode of Design Biz Live. ( and please put Design Biz Live Question in the subject line.)
Nov 3, 2017

Welcome to today's episode of Power Talk Friday! LuAnn is thrilled beyond belief to introduce you to today's guest, Katie Krimitsos! Katie is the founder of the Facebook Community Biz Women Rock, and she uses this platform to educate and bring women entrepreneurs together, from all around the world. When you listen to Katie on her show, she is so real, so empathetic and so willing to share what she's learned and she's really on the ball with her on-air Coaching too, so listen in today, to find out more about Katie and the way that she manages to do so many different things really, really well!

Katie, who has a Masters Degree in Communication, has a great depth of experience in helping and teaching her fellow women entrepreneurs how to get their businesses on track. Within the platform of Biz Women Rock that Katie has created, she has the Biz Women Rock Podcast, she teaches a course on how to create a rocking Facebook Community, she has the Mompreneur Series, she has a blog, she has her Money Moxy Series and she also has the Biz Women Rock Academy, where you get education, support, mindset and strategy training, community challenges, hot seats, goal setting and so much more! Listen in now, to find out what Katie has to share with you on the show today.

Show highlights:

  • A huge and really common pain point around mindset, that most women entrepreneurs tend to experience.
  • How Katie helps entrepreneurs with their mindset.
  • The way that women's roles and responsibilities are really so deeply entwined with how they show up for business.
  • How Katie helps women by reflecting their light back to them.
  • How your own personal development impacts everything about your business.
  • The journey of entrepreneurship never really ends (just like being a parent)- you will constantly be challenged to do things better.
  • Some of the things that make the entrepreneurial journey a bit easier, down the line.
  • How Katie helps people whose backs are against the wall, to get their businesses back on track.
  • What Katie did to help her husband get his business back on track.
  • The steps that Katie took to create a major transition in her business, in order to really make it work.
  • Why you really need to be super clear about what you're doing in your business.
  • Katie explains all about the Biz Women Rock Retreat that she's planning, between the 1st and the 3rd of December.


Katie's website:

Twitter: @katiekrimitsos
Linked In:
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Nov 1, 2017

Welcome to today's show! We have Michelle Woeller as our guest and today she will be talking to us about how to build a new client base, after relocating to a new area. Michelle and her family relocated to Cape Cod about a year ago and today she discusses what she had to do in her new community, and the strategies she employed, to get her Interior Design firm off the ground there.  Listen in now, to get some awesome tips from Michelle.

Michelle graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising and she also studied Interior Design at the same university. After a career in Retail Settings and Product Design, she took some time off, to focus her attention on raising her children. Then, in 2006, she became the lead Designer for her husband's Landscaping Company, where she and her husband collaborated in the designing of outdoor spaces for both residential and commercial properties. In 2013, Michelle launched Summerland Homes And Gardens, a Design Studio dedicated to beautiful design, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Then, in the summer of 2016, Michelle and her family decided to move to Cape Cod, so now Michelle works with Cape Cod home owners, to transform their homes and capture the wonder of seaside living.  Listen in to find out how Michelle built up her client base, in this new location.

Show highlights:

  • What it was like for Michelle, to find her feet in a new area.
  • How Michelle did her marketing, found new vendors and formed a network, in her new area.
  • The challenge of finding new clients in an area where most people only live for part of the year.
  • How much Michelle's business increased over a four year period, due to paid marketing.
  • The whole real life process that Michelle went through and how it felt for her, to identify and reach out to the Architects and Builders in her new area.
  • The importance of not taking things personally.
  • The value of reaching out to some people who are not directly involved in your industry.
  • Weathering the off-season in Cape Cod.
  • Michelle and her husband's experience of attending a three day Ten X Growth Conference Event in Miami.
  • Some of the things that Michelle learned at the Ten X Growth Conference.
  • Michelle's practice of starting each day with positivity, to put everything into the right perspective.
  • The way that Michelle and her husband collaborate with their businesses.
  • What the operational side of Michelle's business looks like.
  • Michelle's dilemma of which direction to take her business and whether or not to expand it.
  • How Brittanie Elms has really helped Michelle. (Go back and listen to episode #149 to find out more about Brittanie.)
  • Michelle shares about what it was like for her, working with her husband.


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