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In today's world being a talented interior designer isn't enough to ensure that you have a profitable and successful interior design business. Design school doesn't always teach you the critical business skills to be sure your interior design business be everything you imagined it would be! A Well Designed Business is here to fill in the gaps and give you real live business skills from some of the top interior designers. Your host, LuAnn Nigara shares her 35 years of success in the interior design industry, and she finds the most successful guests to share their interior design business best practices.
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Dec 29, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Power talk Friday! Today LuAnn has Stephanie Chung with her on the show. Stephanie has a company called Stephanie Chung and Associates, where she offers Sales Training, Executive Coaching and also Small Business Mentorship, to companies nationwide. Stephanie also has a course, called High Ticket Selling Made Simple which has been designed to help business owners sell more and make more. Listen in to find out more about Stephanie and her company.

Stephanie used to work as a Sales Executive in the Aviation and Private Jet Industry, where she mastered the art of high ticket selling. She has mentored and coached numerous people, including some of the highest paid, most elite Sales Professionals in the country. She serves Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Professionals, using her proven Executive Coaching and Sales Training. Stephanie is a contributor on ABC, CBS, and NBC and she's authored Profit Like A Girl- A Woman's Guide To Kicking Butt In Sales And Leadership and also Embrace The Suck- How To Grow And Succeed In Business. LuAnn is really beyond tickled with all of this, so listen in now, as she and Stephanie discuss the mindset moves that are necessary to really scale your sales.

Show highlights:

  • What it all really comes down to is your own version of your own self-worth. Your financial beliefs play a role in the whole equation and sometimes people tend to struggle with that when selling their intellectual property. Stephanie digs into all the factors that contribute to that struggle.
  • Financial self-worth and your mindset- why you should be very careful to never let your own financial beliefs creep into any sales conversation.
  • It's never about you- it's always about the buyer in front of you.
  • Stephanie explains how you can break out of a limited mindset. Remember that it's not your concern how much your customer can afford. You need to ensure that your presentation of your product (your digital footprint), or service actually aligns with your product or service.
  • Run your business with excellence.
  • If someone agrees to meet with you, it means that they've already done some research about you and they have already decided that you are going to be worth their time.
  • Always approach a conversation with a buyer by looking at what it is that they want or need.
  • Ask the buyer questions that go a little deeper, because sometimes the buyer can't really articulate what it is that they need.
  • Use the power of silence.
  • Really knowing your stuff and getting results will help build your confidence.
  • Stephanie shares a technique that she uses with her VIP clients, called Pre-emptive Strike. Know the objections that are going to come your way and bring them up in advance, so that you can control the message.
  • Remember to never bring your price down, if the buyer can't afford it. Rather take something away. This way you keep your price integrity.
  • Only ask the buyer questions that you don't know the answers to. This will help you better understand how to solve their problem.
  • After setting your agenda with a client, mention that you're not necessarily the Designer for everyone.... Great for getting the right
  • If you really want to become a better salesperson, there is ample information out there, for you.
  • Stephanie has done courses before, specifically for Interior Designers. (For example, High Ticket Selling Made Simple)


Stephanie's website: You can find loads of free resources there.

To get a free download of Stephanie's book, go to:

Dec 27, 2017

My guest today is Judi Kieffer, who has over 24 years’ experience in hospitality, luxury residential, and restaurant design. Her portfolio is full of top-tier projects and satisfied clients. In our conversation, she shares advice about how she built and now manages her design firm in Boise, Idaho. Judi is involved as an advocate for the personal and professional development and for sustainable products and developments.

She participates in several local philanthropic and civic groups and is a mentor for women’s and children’s organizations. She was recently appointed as a spokesperson for the American Society of Interior Designers and is a certified Green Globe auditor. Her passions are yoga, fine wine, riding horses, hiking, and inspiring other designers to run more profitable and enjoyable businesses. Join me for this conversation with Judi!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Judi’s career began, working for three different companies before opening her own firm
  • The benefits of experience, classes, and various job positions before going out on your own
  • What it’s like to build your own design firm in the beginning: cold calling, mailings, projects, and referrals
  • What the builder or architect needs to hear from the commercial designer: how our services can fit into your project
  • How to use directories for leads on upcoming commercial projects
  • How to find free top sheets in your local area
  • The benefits of long-term relationships in the design business
  • Judi’s recommendations for software, including Quickbooks, Studio Designer, and MORE!
  • The challenges as your business grows: having systems in place and using personality profiles as you add more people to your team
  • Day-to-day running the firm: journals and calendars
  • Judi’s superpower? Using the interior as a marketing tool
  • Clear practices for charging fees
  • Judi’s advice to a new designer with no portfolio: show your passion and excitement, have confidence, ask questions, and present solutions
  • Judi’s interest in green building products
  • The recent surge in green products
  • Advice Judi’s received that is still with her:
    • Be absolutely true to your passion
    • Honor yourself
    • Allow yourself time to breathe, renew, and relax
    • Be transparent in communication
  • What’s ahead for Judi? Hiring an office manager and hosting eco-glamping retreats


Website and social:

For the free WindowWorks newsletter, text 444-999 and enter “designbiz”  (Find out more about green building products)

Search the GreenWorks or Green Standard group in your local area

Judi recommends the following books:

ECO-preneuring by John Ivanko

The Northwest Green Home Primer by K.L. Smith and Kathleen O’Brien

The Philosophy of Sustainable Design by Jason F. McLennan

Women in Green by Kira Gould and Lance Hosey

Value Pricing for the Design Firm by Frank Stasiowski

A Guide to Principles and Practices for Interior Designers by Harry Sigel

Marketing and Selling Design Services by Mary V. Knackstedt

Interior Designers Business Handbook by Mary V. Knackstedt

Dec 25, 2017

Welcome back! Our guest today has been in the interior design business for 17 years! Andrea Schumacher started her own eight-person firm, Andrea Schumacher Interior Design, including herself in Colorado in 1999. Andrea has experience in commercial and residential spaces and she has set design for television at Days of Our Lives and Columbia Pictures! She has a BA in interior design from the F.I.D.E.R. accredited Colorado State University and a certificate in Universal Design from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Today she is going to share with us how she does things at Andrea Schumacher Interior Design and how she makes everything more efficient and successful and how you can too.

Show Notes:

  • She can have how many projects in the pipeline at one time?
  • How are the positions broken down at Andrea Schumacher Interior Design?
  • Did she work for anyone before she started her own firm?
  • How was Andrea Schumacher Interior Design started?
  • Explain how everything is broken down up front!
  • What about the customers that can’t be pleased?
  • When does the “process” go into the project manager’s hands?
  • Why doesn’t she like to hear a budget before the design project begins?
  • What was her aha moment that there needed to be a change with her accountant to get her books straightened out for her design firm?
  • Who is Chandra and what is her role in Andrea’s firm?
  • What are some ways that Chandra has increased profitability for Andrea’s firm?
  • How much has her profitability increased since Chandra has started working at Andrea Schumacher Interior Design?
  • Keep yourself as humble as possible and own up to your mistakes!
  • What is the next big thing for Andrea Schumacher Interior Design?
  • What is Design Leadership Network?

For the rest of the show notes, please visit our resource center: Window Works 

Dec 22, 2017

We have Kae Whitaker with us once again on today's Power Talk Friday- this time for her fifth appearance on the show! She appeared previously on episodes #26, #66, #114 where she discussed branding, how to hire and train interns, how to conduct a proper year-end review of your business and last month on episode #259 she spoke about the subject and content of a typical sale funnel email sequence for interior design firms. Today she's back to talk some more about email marketing and she will be explaining how to set up an email marketing system, with some great tips for doing it really effectively. She will also be discussing the main idea of email marketing, the difference between broadcast emails and triggered emails, how your blog actually connects and supports your email marketing and how to segment your list and what to do with the different lists. Listen in to find out more.

Kae is the owner and CEO of Kae Whitaker Solutions. She uses her more than ten years of experience in retail sales and marketing development to really focus on helping small businesses to stay competitive in their respective markets and to surpass their revenue goals.

Having worked with some of the nation's largest retailers, Kae has now utilized her expertise in retail sales and marketing development to create her premium coaching programs that really assist small business owners to tune into what matters most in their marketing efforts and to streamline their processes while maximizing on their clientele. Kae's highest achievements come through helping others to reach their goals, and she would love the opportunity to help you to take your brand to the next level, so listen in to find out what she has to share with you on the show today.

Show highlights:

  • How LuAnn initially found Kae through her online reputation.
  • Understanding the type of emails that you're going to send and the categories of emails that exist within those types.
  • The importance of using a different approach when purchasing leads or email lists.
  • Kae's advice is for everybody regardless of the size of your email list.
  • The role of email marketing in the customer journey.
  • Sending different email content to the groups of people who are at different points in the customer journey.
  • The difference between broadcast emails and trigger emails.
  • Segmentation campaigns- what they are and when and how to use them.
  • An example of a trigger email for interior designers.
  • What you need to look for in your email provider.
  • Why segmenting is really so important.
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of the spam monster.
  • What the engagement would look like if you hire someone to set the process up on your behalf.
  • When to use re-engagement campaigns.
  • Ways to grow your email list through intentional engagement.
  • How to target growing your email list geocentrically through the content that you're putting out on social media.
  • Where email marketing fits into marketing funnels.
  • Why it would even be worthwhile to create just one funnel.

Previous episodes mentioned on this show:

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Kae's email:

Kae's website:

Dec 20, 2017

Welcome to today's show! We have Dixie Willard, of Dixie Willard Design in Tennessee, with us today. Dixie is a co-host of the Design and Style Podcast with Rachel Moriarty, of Rachel Moriarty Interiors and today we will be talking to her about the  Design and Style Community and about how her partnership with Rachel and their podcast came about. Today, Dixie also discusses her own business and she talks about the Community Projects that she's involved with too. Listen in, to find out more.

Dixie got her Design Degree at the Chaminade University of Honolulu, where she graduated with honors. She has worked for an Architecture Firm as well as having worked as a Designer and a Bookkeeper, for a high-end furniture store and she has done e-design for Pottery Barn Kids, PBTeen, and West Elm. In the middle of all of that, she also managed to earn her NCIDQ Certification.

After traveling around the world, Dixie and her Air Force husband have finally settled down in their forever home, in East Tennessee. Dixie loves taking continuing education classes for fun and reading Design Blogs, to keep up with all the latest trends. Listen in today, to find out more about Dixie, her Podcast and how she's really changing lives, out there, one Designer at a time!

Show highlights:

  • Dixie talks about what it took for her to obtain her NCIDQ Certification.
  • Dixie's work with Ethan Allen.
  • Dixie's experience of being a Bookkeeper for a high-end furniture store.
  • The skill she's learned from first being an Air Force brat and then an Air Force wife.
  • Their move from Oklahoma to Tennessee, where they knew absolutely no-one.
  • Dixie talks about how she and Rachel met, at a Mastermind in Oklahoma.
  • How the Design and Style Podcast came about.
  • All about Rachel and Dixie's Visibility Challenge.
  • To join the Visibility Challenge, go to Design and Style on Facebook and ask to join.
  • The hardest part of the Visibility Challenge and the fantastic results that inevitably ensue, as a result of doing it.
  • What's going to be happening in Dixie's community, at The Visibility Lab.
  • The very exciting and special episode planned for the first Visibility Podcast for 2018, on the Design and Style Podcast.
  • Moonshine tasting in the Smokey Mountains with Rachel.
  • What happened at the Visibility Conference.
  • The fantastic Community and Service Projects that Dixie does and how she assists, design-wise, at the Restoration House of East Tennessee.
  • How you, as a Designer, can get involved with the Dwell With Dignity
  • The service work that Dixie does, for Kingdom Design Ministries, for children who have suffered a trauma, or tragedy in their life.
  • What it takes to rappel down a twelve story building!
  • The awesome gains that you could enjoy, as a result of being a part of a networking group.


The Design and Style Podcast website:

Design and Style can also be found on:

Previous shows mentioned in this episode:

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Dec 18, 2017

Today’s guest is Laura Thurman of Laura Thurman Design Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. She specializes in a global aesthetic that is filtered through a modern lens influenced by her upbringing in Los Angeles, as well as her world travels. Laura Thurman Design Studio services include custom interiors, re-design, weekend styling, and in-field developer selections. Laura talks about the importance of educating clients about the interior design process. To that end, she explains on her website to clients and potential clients the difference between “off the shelf” and “custom made.” We also discuss how she is harnessing the power of building meaningful relationships with peers and industry leaders in helping to grow her firm. In fact, our meeting is a direct result of her commitment to getting out her “box,” reaching out and asking for advice, and for remembering to return the favor. Laura is always thinking of ways to give value back to the new colleagues and mentors she has met. Laura is a delight, and I’m sure you will like her and learn much from what she has to share about intentional networking.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How doors have opened recently because of networking and building professional relationships
  • What Laura has learned from Amy Flurry’s book, Recipe for Press: Designer Edition:
    • How to pitch an idea
    • Why you need to do your homework
    • How each project has multiple offshoots
  • Giving serious thought to your WHY
  • How to tactfully cultivate peer relationships, beginning with being intentionally present
  • Why “thick skin” is important for entrepreneurs to cultivate
  • How social media helps with networking
  • How doors open when you “put it out there”
  • Educating the client:
    • Mainstream and retail = “off the shelf”
    • Quality and exclusive = “to the trade”


Episode 108, Amy Flurry

Episode 203, Darla Powell

Recipe for Press: Designer Edition, by Amy Flurry

Dec 15, 2017

Welcome to today's episode of Power Talk Friday! LuAnn has a really special treat in store for you today - her husband, Vince will be joining her on the show! LuAnn has recently had a lot of people asking her to address the topic of husband and wife teams, working together.

She recently interviewed Syd and Shea McGee, of Studio McGee (#270) and there are also a few more interviews scheduled with husband and wife teams, which are to be aired in the near future. Vince has already appeared on the show once before, where he talked to LuAnn about the kind of advice that he would give to new entrepreneurs just starting out in their business. He discussed establishing a mission, core values and also systems. So if you're interested in finding out more about any of that, please go back and listen to episode #78. Today, LuAnn and Vince will be talking about how they've managed to be in business together for so many years, and still, like (let alone love) each other! Listen in to find out more!

Vince is the brains behind the finances at Window Works, with a degree in Accounting and also an MBA in Business. He has been the fearless leader at Window Works for thirty-five years this December and he has achieved a very recognizable level of stature within their Window Treatment and Awning community. He has served on a number of Marketing and Operations Advisory Boards, for Window Works and for Dorosol (The Awning Company that they use most often) and he served for just less than two years as the Vice President of Franchise Sales, for Decorating Den. Listen in today, to find out more about how Vince and LuAnn have managed to work together, really successfully, for so long.

Show highlights:

  • Vince shares some of the core reasons that he thinks they have managed to work so happily and successfully with each other and with their third partner, Bill.
  • How the Universe has really gifted them with their different yet clearly defined roles within their business.
  • Recognizing their very different strengths and skills, which really blend well together, for the benefit of their business.
  • Not micromanaging each other or their staff really works well for Vince and LuAnn.
  • What makes a really great Salesperson.
  • Their 'code' of who gets the final say if there's a disagreement about something in the business. (Unless it's a money decision).
  • Letting go of your inner 'control freak' to find harmony in your business relationships.
  • The importance of moving on after a deal has been done and signed off, regardless of what may transpire later.
  • The importance of having a basis of respect in any relationship to avoid issues.
  • It's so much easier to be in business with your spouse when you really do love and care for one another.
  • Observing the fine line of respect/familiarity.
  • Always keeping the bigger picture (the business) in mind when disagreements arise.
  • The benefits of using rationality rather than emotional manipulation.
  • Delineating responsibilities yet allowing people to grow by allowing them to work within their strengths and to run with what they do really well.
  • It really helps to curb disagreements if you can actually feel the pain of your partner.
  • Always keeping what's best for the business uppermost in mind.


Previous shows mentioned in this episode:

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Dec 13, 2017

Welcome to today's show! We really have the most amazing surprise for all of you today- we have Syd and Shea McGee, of Studio McGee on the show with us! Shea was on the show about a month ago, (episode #236) where she talked about how Studio McGee was created in a spare bedroom and then, after many late nights of brainstorming and sharing their dreams, Shea and Syd decided to turn what was a small business for a stay at home mom, into something way beyond that.

Today, you will hear Shea discuss how she always knew that she wanted to do high-end Design. She also talks about two business decisions that Syd was instrumental in making very early on, which allowed them to attract the kind of client that they really wanted to work with and she explains how Syd has also really helped her to approach certain problems in business with the right perspective.  Listen in to find out more about this dynamic duo and their approach to running a really successful business.    

Studio McGee has been featured in House Beautiful, Domain Home, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, SMP Living and One Kings Lane, as well as many others. This show will also appear as a video on LuAnn's Youtube channel. (Go to Youtube for A Well Designed Business.) Listen in today and experience the really tangible love, respect, and admiration that these two have for one another and discover how Shea's dream to build a Design Empire is fast becoming a reality.

Show highlights:

  • What was going on in Syd's mind when they made the decision to move to Utah.
  • Shea explains how Syd got involved bringing his really valuable perspective to the business.
  • How Syd managed to figure out a way organize the operations side of their business by assessing the problems and then finding solutions.
  • How Syd managed to streamline their systems by building their own internal software.
  • Syd's initial focus was really on allowing the Designers to get on with their designing.
  • The sacrifices that they made initially to ensure that there was enough content for their business to grow.
  • The great pay off they've had from consistently investing the time in putting out really high-quality photos on Instagram.
  • How to know when it's the right time to start charging more.
  • How Shea and Syd have pushed each other, to create their Design Empire.
  • The time it took for them to afford to create their own catalog.
  • Attracting the type of clients that they have now.
  • The financial risk that they took and what they put on the line to keep going forward to create their dream.
  • The kind of support that Shea and Syd give one another.
  • How they came to be doing their Webisodes on Youtube.
  • Some of the actionable things that they have done, to really grow their business.
  • All about McGee and Co, a website that they started about a year ago where you can go online and order from their really great product line.
  • It's really demanding to be a very good mom and a great entrepreneur, but it can be done!


Shea and Syd's website:

You can do your purchasing from:

Shea and Syd on Instagram

Shea and Syd on Facebook

Shea and Syd on YouTube

Follow A Well Designed Business on YouTube

For your free offer, from MyDoma Studio, as a listener to the podcast, go to:

Dec 11, 2017

Welcome to today's show! We have Nina Magen, the Principal of Contour Interior Design, on the show with us today. Nina is a very savvy lady, who has a lot going on, on both the business and the Design side. The fact that she is driven is evident in the nine-year rise of her Design Firm and it also shows in the way that she runs her business. Today we talk to Nina about the significant impression it made on her and her business when she was on American Dream Builder TV show. We also talk to her about her staff: how she hires and what she looks for when hiring someone. So listen in to find out more.

Contour is an international, full-service Interior Design firm, with offices both in Houston and Miami. There is a long list of award-winning interiors in the Contour portfolio, which have received recognition from NBC, Bravo and HGTV Networks, as well as acknowledgment for Best Interior Architecture and Best Commercial Interior, by Paper City. ASID also awarded them Best Commercial Interior. The work of Contour has been featured in Rue, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Interiors Magazine and Lux Interiors and Designs, to name just a few. Listen in today, to find out more about Nina and her approach to running Contour Interior Design.

Show highlights:

  • Nina explains how she came to have such an international team.
  • What Nina does to encourage her team to learn from each other and to think outside of their comfort zone.
  • American design and architecture, as compared with the more modern, forward-thinking European design.
  • Nina discusses her approach and what she looks for when she's ready to hire a team member.
  • The criteria for advancement, that Nina looks for in her team members.
  • What it takes to be a really successful Designer.
  • Nina discusses where her interest in being on a TV show came from.
  • How Nina managed to get onto American Dream Builders TV show in 2014.
  • Nina's harrowing experience on American Dream Builders.
  • How Nina leveraged her life-changing experience on the TV show.
  • Nina's constant growth, personally and business-wise, since being on the TV show.
  • The things that Nina is looking forward to doing, in the future.
  • How to get to be the Designer for celebrity homes.

Connect with Nina:






Go to to find out how MyDoma Studio can help you to run your firm more efficiently. There's a special offer there for you too, as a podcast listener.

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Dec 8, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Power Talk Friday! We have Ashley Faulkes, the CEO of Mad Lemmings with us on the show today. Ashley creates Wordpress websites and he also is an SEO expert, which is one of the main reasons that LuAnn invited him onto the show. She knows that there are many of you out there, wondering about the merits of blogging and wanting to find out how to go about doing it. This is a topic that we really can't seem to get enough information on, so listen in and learn from Ashley, who is an expert when it comes to blogging and creating websites.

Ashley, whose company is fourteen years old, is an Australian who is now living in Switzerland. After skiing one time, on the last run of the day, Ashley fell, twisting his leg and breaking it in thirty-seven places. He then had to spend three days immobilized in hospital, waiting for the weekend to be over and for the surgeons to get prepared to operate. It was well worth the wait, however, and he was also really lucky because they ended up doing a first class job and getting excellent results with his leg. The spin-off of this was that it brought Ashley to blogging, which then brought him to a whole new endeavor, which he became really good at, through getting educated and also teaching. Listen in now, to find out what Ashley has to share with you about SEO and Website Creation.

Show highlights:

  • Ashley's opinion on the difference between a Square Space site and a Wordpress
  • Migrating to a new website with all of your current content.
  • How to attract people to your website, if you're doing the website yourself.
  • Optimising your Home Page and your Services Page.
  • Making a habit of getting reviews on your website for SEO- you can even set up a link for that.
  • Getting onto your local listings, to create SEO links, when starting out.
  • Leveraging social proof, through getting your business listed with The Chamber Of Commerce, or Government Institutions.
  • Finding the biggest bang for your buck, for SEO rankings.
  • How to find out, rather than guessing, if there are any people searching for a particular topic, before writing a blog post.
  • Thinking about reasons that people would need your services, for effective blogging.
  • How to create links to your website.
  • Getting access to Google tools.
  • Using the right keywords for great rankings.
  • Pictures can be worth a thousand words.
  • Using Youtube for great rankings.
  • The value of re-purposing your content.


Ashley's website:

Ashley on Youtube: Mad Lemmings

Previous shows mentioned in this episode:

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Dec 6, 2017

Welcome to today's show! Our guest for today is Rasheeda Gray, the Principal of Gray Space Interior Design, which is located in the Philadelphia Metro area. Gray Space is still a side hustle for Rasheeda at this point in time and yet in just under two years, she has already had more than twenty projects! You're probably wondering how she has managed to do this, so today she shares three strategies that she has used, to land these twenty plus projects and also her thoughts on what it takes to succeed in the field of Interior Design. Listen in now, to get some really actionable tips from Rasheeda, to fill your pipeline.

Rasheeda holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and International Business, as well as a Master's Degree and she currently works full time, in a corporate position. She also has a husband and two kids. Rasheeda brings her business skills to her Design Firm, so listen in, as she explains how she's managed to achieve as much as she has, in such a short time.

Show highlights:

  • What led to Rasheeda starting Gray Space Interior Design, as her side hustle.
  • Rasheeda is a strong believer in Vision Boards.
  • How Rasheeda managed to obtain her first two projects.
  • The way that Rasheeda made use of social media to get herself known, as an Interior Designer.
  • The magic mix for Rasheeda's success on social media.
  • The secret to Rasheeda's success on Instagram.
  • Rasheeda's way of growing her business intentionally to attain the kind of success that she has, in such a short time.
  • Taking full advantage of any opportunity to speak at events as a great way to get yourself and your business known.
  • What Rasheeda did to get to know five Realtors.
  • All about Rasheeda's Consultation Special for Cyber Monday.
  • Using Loss Leaders to attract more business.
  • How referrals and testimonials have helped Rasheeda to fill her pipeline.
  • The way that Rasheeda leverages her reviews on Howz, to get more business.
  • How Rasheeda found Cheryl and then selected her to be her mentor.
  • How mentorship has contributed to Rasheeda's success.
  • Why it could be tricky to have a mentor from the same area as you.
  • Why it's important to be upfront with your clients about your working a full-time job.
  • The questionnaire that Rasheeda has her prospective clients complete right in the beginning.
  • Assessing the needs of your clients, then providing solutions for them.
  • The logistics of running a Design firm, a full-time job and a family.


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Dec 4, 2017

Today we have Remya Warrior on the show with us and she's a New Jersey Interior Designer with a Master's Degree as well as fourteen years of experience in the field. She is active in both the WCAA (Window Coverings Association of America), where she is currently the Vice President of the New Jersey chapter, and also in ASID in New Jersey, where she is the featured Tech Talk host. Listen in today, to hear all about what that is and also to find out about Remya's very actionable Seven Step Process that she uses to really knock her networking right out of the park.

Remya really loves to cook for her friends and family and she firmly believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home and it is this that has her specializing in Kitchen Design. Being an active member of the WCAA has led her to her falling in love with window treatments and specializing in that area as well.

On Remya's website, there is a line that says that she helps busy, middle-income families create a home that they love and this is something that LuAnn found very interesting because she really enjoys finding out what makes you, as an Interior Designer, different. LuAnn loves researching and finding out what really sets certain Designers apart, for the purposes of the show, and she points out that your clients also want to find something on your website, that really sets you apart as a Designer.  Listen in now, to find out more about Remya and the really interesting things that she does with her business, to set her apart from the rest.

Show highlights:

  • Koffee Break- the Video Resource that Remya used to have on her website.
  • What Remya learned from doing Koffee Break for two years.
  • What Tech Talk is all about and who Remya has connected with, through doing it.
  • How Remya has really managed to up her game, through doing Tech Talk.
  • How Remya selects the people that she interviews on Tech Talk.
  • You can go to the ASID channel on YouTube, to see the library of resources that Remya has created there with her webinars.
  • If you'd like to attend one of Remya's Tech Talk Live Webinars, you will need to friend her on Facebook. (Remya Warrior)
  • Remya gives a detailed explanation of her Seven Step Process designed to help you to network most effectively.
  • The heartfelt and personal messages that Remya sent to only five special people on Thanksgiving.
  • What it takes to create a really effective Sales Conversation.
  • The three separate email sequences that Remya has on her website to put business leads into her pipeline.
  • Building your referral strategy, through Remya's Seven Step Process.


Remya's website:

Remya on Facebook-Remya Warrior Designs

Remya on LinkedIn-Remya Warrior Designs

Remya learned this networking technique from her friend Paul McManus!

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Dec 1, 2017

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! We have an interview with FreshBooks today. A few months ago, FreshBooks and LuAnn started talking about them becoming a regular sponsor for this show.  As pretty smart business people, they both wanted to find out more about one another before joining forces, to see who they would be getting involved with.

FreshBooks asked to do a trial of two or three thirty second ad spots. Before LuAnn agreed to do any commercials for them, however, she wanted to know if they really were right for you, her listeners. And what better way for LuAnn to know if they are the right fit than to apply her ninja interview tactics to them? Listen in to find out more.

LuAnn wanted the chance to ask any and every question that she thought would be helpful, for you to decide if FreshBooks is right for you because she thinks they really are a terrific platform for helping you to track the money side of your Design business.

Today she talks to Julie Kerr, the Marketing Communications Strategist at FreshBooks, about FreshBooks and how she sees them as the perfect side companion to My Doma Studio. Listen in now, as Julie explains how this platform was designed, specifically for the small, serviced-based industry, to take the fear out of accounting and to help you to efficiently input, track and analyze your operations, your projects, and your business.

Show highlights:

  • Julie explains what FreshBooks is all about.
  • Who the ideal client for FreshBooks is.
  • Julie explains why this is the Accounting Software for non-Accountants.
  • FreshBooks have built templates that actually help you to get paid faster.
  • How FreshBooks helps you to track and operate your business seamlessly.
  • You can take a picture of the receipts of money you spent, on gas, lunches or even hotel stays and the information will be automatically uploaded- and even sorted, for tax time.
  • Your company credit cards can be linked to FreshBooks, to have all the transactions automatically uploaded.
  • How FreshBooks helps you to easily assess the health of your business.
  • Julie explains how the whole invoicing process of FreshBooks works.
  • How well FreshBooks would work, as a side companion to My Doma Studios.
  • The really beautiful design of the way that of FreshBooks looks.
  • You can have your questions answered right away, by the Toronto based support team, at their call center.
  • The way that the pricing structure of FreshBooks works.
  • How FreshBooks helps you to track the exact number of hours that have been worked on a project.
  • The different ways that you can stay connected to FreshBooks.


You can get a free 30 Day Trial with FreshBooks!  All you have to do is go to www.freshbooks/LuAnn to sign up!

If you still have any questions, you can email their Support Team at, or you can give them a call at 1-866-303-6061.